Challenges and Innovations

Posts will be on some of the different challenges we are facing and on ways we are addressing them by innovations and effective change for the better. The innovations can be – and need to be –  in all areas of life to address the challenges:

Our technologies – our use of natural resources and our relationship with nature and all life on the planet, the biosphere of which we are a part and on which we depend; and the ways in which we organise our societies – our economic and finance systems, our forms of governance, our institutions, our science and education and our ways of thinking and acting, shaped by our cultures.

The aim is to show ways people are adapting to the realities of the 21st century to improve the quality of life  – all life, not just human life,  in stories, case examples and evidence, that spread learning and innovation, and build hope in troubled times.

The challenges are familiar – climate change and threats to all life and habitat, resource limits, social inequalities, breakdowns in our finance and economic systems, stress and disease, failures of governance, conflicts and threats to security around the world. They  signal a period of major transition or paradigm shift in human history as our current ways of doing things that have led to major advances in the last 500 years are no longer tenable. This is likely to be a century of drama and uncertainty during which there are both serious risks and opportunities for a better quality of life for all. But we can reduce the risks and create a better life for ourselves and future generations if we face things together and cooperate creatively – many of the solutions or ways to them have already been found.

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