Are you interested in the key issues of our times and in innovations and creative responses that address them?

I have here an overview which will be in two parts as it is developed: (1) the issues and (2) current responses to them (currently in preparation). This is being continuously updated.

The entries are organised for easy and quick access, for dipping into, and for reading or watching for 15 mins or half an hour at a time. Each overview is divided into sections (12 in Part 1). Within these, there are links to other written entries on this site, to videos of interviews I have done for it, and of course to other websites, videos and papers on the internet. The overview is kept as one long entry (about 19 screen pages in part 1) so that it can be looked through quickly by scrolling down, and then settling on something of interest and following up the links as convenient. It is not designed to be read all at once! Each written entry on this site can be downloaded as a PDF, at no cost. Entries are also organised into categories at the side.

The overview is being continuously updated. It is  designed to be a developing story within an adjustable framework.

By providing links I hope this website will to connect people of similar interests and concerns so as to share knowledge and learning from action in all areas of life in a society: the technical, social, institutional, organisational, political, economic and cultural.  As it covers all these areas of innovation and learning it is called “societal” rather than just “social” innovation and learning, which has been defined as “social ideas and solutions that change the way we live our lives to address social needs”. I see societies as living systems and each of these areas of life within them interacting with the other areas, whether we as actors are aware of this or not.

In some examples we plan to describe groups or projects that aim to combine innovation in many of these areas, for example: green technology – together with participative forms of ownership and organisation, and elements of a new kind of economics, that in combination  enables people’s needs to be fulfilled in ways that enhance the quality of their lives – and the needs of all other kinds of life, on which we depend, at the same time. For example fostering healthy and fulfilling relationships alongside resource efficiency, economic prosperity and environmental sustainability. In looking at these examples we will explore the role of government, at all levels of scale, in fostering or hindering this innovation.

Different people will be invited to contribute in a video or audio conversation and/or by writing. If you want also to contribute something in writing or audio or video format please email me using the Contact tab (Page).

Please comment by going on to the Contacts page More on introduction below:

Period of Potential Transformational Change

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