Innovation in International Development: Akvo’s Contribution

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Akvo helps people and organisations to use information and communications technology to collect and share information more easily, and co-operate more effectively, to improve and speed up aid for international development worldwide. Their purpose as an organisation is directly relevant to the themes of this website: using the internet for creating the infrastructure and relationships for faster problem solving, learning and innovation in addressing the problems of this century – in this case helping the poorer countries to lift themselves out of poverty. Scroll down to links to a video recording of a discussion with their London-based communications director.

Akvo builds open source internet and mobile software which is designed to support international development partnership networks and make co-operation and aid activity more effective and transparent. The technology enables greater connectivity between people and organisations from different sectors involved in aid activity across the world, and creates the infrastructure to free people up to discover and learn more efficient and effective ways of organising. Using the same tools Akvo itself is developing new forms of organising for its work as a small multinational organization that supports and partners with a large number of organisations involved in international development around the world.

They provide their software as a service, backed by a global partner-support and training team. Akvo’s tools are used by over 1,800 organisations around the world from small local NGOs to national governments and multilateral aid organisations.  Visit their website

Akvo RSR stands for Really Simple Reporting. It’s a web- and Android-based system that makes it easy for development aid teams to bring complex networks of projects online with paperless reporting directly from the field.

Akvo FLOW is a mobile phone and online service that transforms field monitoring using Android smartphones. Organisations use Akvo FLOW to evaluate their development aid activities and make informed decisions based on accurate, current data.

Akvo Openaid helps governments and big international organisations present aid-spend data online in easy to navigate ways so they can meet transparency obligations.

Akvopedia is a portal for online knowledge on smart, low-cost, sustainable water and sanitation technology and approaches.

Akvo is a non-profit foundation headquartered in the Netherlands with staff in 13 countries across five continents. Akvo’s tools are open source and used by around 2,000 organisations throughout the world in areas such as water, sanitation, health, education, food security and economic development.

Mark Charmer

Mark Charmer

Jo Pratt

Jo Pratt

Here below are the links to 6 video clips  of a half hour conversation with

Mark Charmer a co-founder and  communications director in Akvo, and  Jo  Pratt, a  communications manager.

They are based in London, England.

The Video is in six parts. Click on Video  under each heading to view on YouTube.

How Akvo supports improvement & innovation in aid activity for International Development

 1. Introduction

      video  on YouTube

 2. Innovating as an organisation using the internet

      video  on YouTube

 3. How Akvo started

      video on YouTube

 4. Using the internet and mobile communications  to improve monitoring, learning  and co-operation in and between organisations – 1

       video  on YouTube

 5. Using the internet and mobile communications  to improve monitoring, learning and co-operation in and between organisations – 2

       video  on YouTube

 6. Helping organisations discover and learn more efficient and effective ways of working using the internet and mobile communications

       video  on YouTube

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