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About me:                         

I have been interested in the history of humanity from my university days onwards, and have since worked professionally for 30 years as an advisor and coach to leaders and managers of organisations of all kinds to help them and their teams to renew and improve their organisations in adapting to continuous social and economic change, for the last 15 years on a self-employed basis. My core discipline has been in applied social science – individual and group behaviour and social change. I now support others in these roles of advisor or coach, and also leaders and their teams who seek to innovate in some way in their area.  I also help bring people together to undertake such initiatives – especially when they seem to be relevant to the challenges we all face today, such as finding a way of living that is more sustainable in every way while being personally fulfilling. My own networks include people and groups who are innovating in these ways, in business, community and public or third sector settings, and researchers and writers on societal innovation and learning either in universities and research institutes or working independently.

Over the last 15 years I have also worked with people individually on emotional and relational issues affecting their mental health and stability, and combine a private practice in this with supervising and teaching the model I use (seewww.acat,me,uk ) within the UK national health service.

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