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Sustainability with Prosperity

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How are we to achieve sustainability with prosperity and a good quality of life for all?                                                                    

For example: the need to attend to:

  • How the way we use materials and generate energy in our economy affects all life systems on our planet, on which we depend,
  • How we can use limited resources more effectively
  • How we can meet everyone’s basic needs and ensure equal opportunity for there to be stable and healthy societies.

Our technology is now very powerful in its effects on nature and each other, our population continues to grow, and what happens in any one country can affect others across the globe much more than before. Is there a need for greater collaboration and synergy                    

Between us and nature – the living systems of which we are a part,

Between us, richer and poorer, within and between societies?

Does this mean a new kind of economy? A fundamental change in the way we see and do things, and in how we identify our needs and get them met?

Is this to co-exist with a changing capitalism?

Has social evolution towards another kind of economic system started?

How far is there a shared felt need for a change and what are the signs of it?

How much do we need to change, how can we make this attractive and possible, and how can technology help?

Does economics need to be a multidisciplinary subject covering all natural and social sciences?

I am preparing a collection of website entries or posts to address these questions.

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